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Order of get_tests doesn't match test run


When I use get_tests to get all the tests for a given run, it doesn’t match the ordering of my suite. Instead, it returns in numerical order matching the test case ID (aka the order in which the cases were originally created).

Is there any way to export tests in the proper order or re-create the ordering? It is frustrating that an arbitrary ID is being used to determine sort order.



It appears get_cases does return in the same order as the UI. Can get_tests be updated to match the functionality or should I just correlate the case_id’s from get_tests with the order from get_cases?


Hello Logan,

Thanks for your posting and reporting this behavior. Yes, we will make sure to update get_tests to return the tests in the correct order and this fix will be included in the next update (3.0.4) which is scheduled for this week. The new version will then be announced in our announcement forum and you will also be notified in TestRail directly as usual (if you haven’t disabled the update check):