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Oracle Code with TestRail


Hi Team,

I want to test my oracle code (procedure/Package) with TestRail. How it is possible. Kindly guide me.


TR does not run tests - it is a repository of test cases for people to use. Sounds like you want TR to run cases (automation?) rather than use it as a repository.

Can you be more specific about what you want TR to do?


I have my engine which process my data and WebGui will show that data. whole logic is written in Oracle itself. I want to automate the test cases, which uses different parameter values, for Oracle code. Is it possible with TestRail?

In TestRail test cases already written but want to execute them.


You would need automation tool to execute tests and then the tool could use the TR API to set the results in TR. TR purely stores tests and the test results but has no way to actively execute tests.