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Option to set status on multiple tests in a test result


For this particular project I’m using Fitnesse as the automated acceptance testing framework and in TestRail, my test cases have only titles. So when I ran one suite of my automated test which might have 100 test cases in it, let’s say all Passed. Now in my testrun I need to set the Passed status for every single test.

Would be a nice option to be able to do multi-select and set the status.



Hello Roy,

you can already enter test results for multiple tests at once. On the run page, simply check all tests you want to add a result to. Then scroll down and click the Add Test Result button. This will add the selected test result and the entered comment to all test cases at once. You can also select multiple tests at once by clicking the checkbox in the section header.

I hope this helps.



Thanks Dennis.

I guess because of my long list of tests in my test run I didn’t scroll all the way down :wink: