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Opening of several test cases simultaneously



Using Test Rail I’ve realized that it is impossible to open several test cases at the same time at the same page and edit them separately, but only make update for some property of test cases, so they will have the same Description (for example).
It would be really useful if I could select several cases, press Edit button and see all selected test cases with all their properties on the same page, so I could make different changes for different test cases.
Is it possible?




You can do that, please see the attachment


Hi Volodia,
Thanks for you reply, but I meant not exactly that.
In case which you attached all selected test cases are opened, that’s true. But I can edit properties only for ALL opened test cases at the same time, e.g. edit preconditions for ALL cases or edit steps for ALL cases.
I am looking for opportunity edit several test cases separately from each other but on the same page.