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Opening/Closing Fast Track View loses scroll position



when I use the Fast Track View to open/close a test in a test run for example, the position is lost, when the page reloads.

This is quite annoying when having a big run and one scrolled to a certain position to then simply lose this and need to scroll through the whole page again to find the test one has selected.

When opening the Fast Track the test is selected and one can find it easily, as it is highlighted (still annoying), but when closing the view, nothing is highlighted and finding the position one has been is tedious.

Can you please make sure that when opening / closing the Fast Track View, the viewpane is the same ?




Thanks for your posting. We will make sure to look into this and thanks for reporting this. In most cases, we would recommend keeping the three-pane view open and not close/open it constantly but the scroll position shouldn’t change when closing the pane, of course. You can also quickly navigate between tests with the j/k shortcuts or by clicking on a test.



Just reviewed this again: this is caused by a reload of the tests/cases when you turn on/off the three-pane view. This is only required if the column configuration is different in both view modes. As TestRail reloads the full test/case list, it’s not so easy to keep the same scroll position but we will make sure to review this. As a workaround, using the same column configuration for both view modes ensures that the list is not reloaded and this also keeps the same scroll position.

I hope this helps!



thanks Tobias for the answer


You are welcome, Andreas!