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Open references to TestRail entities in a different Tab or Window


is it possible to open a referenced entity lik a test case in a seperate Tab or Window?

During the test execution we want to link to a seperate test. The usual way to “simulate” the usage of shared steps as I found here in the forum.
Therefore we add a link to the test steps like [C100].
If not in edit mode, you can click on the link and will be redirected to the specific test case within the same window. This is somehow practical beacuse I can simply go back via the back button of the browser.
While executing the test it leads to a potential problem. Assume the tester is adding a result for a test by following the steps. After adding actual results the frist ten steps the tester reaches a step having this referenced test case. By clicking on the link the tester will be redirected to the related test case description.
To enter actual results for the execution the tester has to go back to the former execution, but this is not possible, the former execution results are lost.

Although this Workaround is already strange (but out of discussion right now), is it possible to open the related test case in a second tab or window by Default?
Yes I know you can do so by using the context menu or an additional click on the Keyboard, but once fogotten the former result are lost - quite annoying.

Or do we get a practical solution for the shared steps in the near future? (sorry, at the end I have to ask…)

Thanks in advance.


OK, we had a Weekend in between, but 4 to 5 days without Response?

Got my request lost in between the thousands of requests, is it too complicated, to silly or didn’t I add enough information?

A short reply would be great!