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Open posted links in a new tab in comment area

How to post a link, and when you click on the link it will open in a new window?!
Currently the links posted in the comment area are opened in the same window, and the user leaves testrail when click the link .

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I don’t know of a possibility to specifically set the link to open in a new tab.
However when you click the link with the middle mouse button, a new tab opens. (I am using Chrome)


Hey Virgil,

Currently, links added to text fields using markdown don’t have an option to open in new tab. We do have an open feature request for adding formatting option to open links in new tab. I have added your vote to the same.


+1 on this feature as well

Not just in the comment area, but give us the option to create a link that can open in a new tab in any field.



Hey Jack,

Thanks for your feedback. I have added your vote to the feature request.


Add my vote too, 2nd day creating test cases and I really would like the links in my Step Description to open in a new tab/window by default.

but for what it’s worth a UI script under customizations can add this for you.

name: External links in new Tab
description: adds target _blank and unicode arrow to <a> tags entered in Markdown fields to open links in a new tab.
author: Henry Eagar
version: 1.0

	function() {
		$('.markdown a[href^="http"]').attr('target','_blank');

.markdown a:after {
   content: '↗';
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Hey Henry,

Welcome to the TestRail Community and thank you so much for this contribution ! This could really help other users. Definitely had to bookmark this for future reference.

PS : I have added your vote to the feature request. :slight_smile: