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Ontime_REST Reference and Defect URLS


Have the defect and reference URLs changed for integrating with the hosted Axosoft site? If I use the URL’s in this documentatiion:, and I hover over the “defects” link, I get “plugin ontime_rest returned an error: the requested defect does not exist”. If I use that URL and visit the axosoft page directly it gives me an error.

However, if I modify the Defect View URL to this: I can visit the Axosoft site directly and it works But, in Testrail the Defects link still gives the same error message.

Has anyone encountered this?


Hi there,

Thanks for your post! The Lookup Feature when hovering over a defect ID would be provided by the defect plugin details, and the add/view URLs wouldn’t manage this. The error you’re seeing is likely related to the integration settings (e.g. the address= line) being misconfigured. I would recommend taking a screenshot of your Administration > Integration page and sending this in directly to so that we can assist in troubleshooting your integration settings.