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Only one backslash is shown


1( Create a test case with the contents \\wwwroot\lab\testdata\Shell.rdp
2) View that test case.

ACTUAL: [b][/b]\wwwroot\lab\testdata\Shell.rdp
EXPECTED: \\wwwroot\lab\testdata\Shell.rdp


Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve just checked this and could reproduce this behavior here. I’ve tracked it down to the rich-text formatting routine (Markdown). We are not yet sure what is causing this bug in detail but we will most likely be able to include a fix in the next update.

What I found out is that specifying three backslashes:

displays what you would have expected with two backslashes in the first place:

This might work as a workaround in the meantime.



This was stated as potentially being fixed in the next update… but this was stated in 2011.

Is there a bug and a plan to include this fix?
In lieu of a text fix, can a hyperlink be made instead?


I believe it is because the first \ is treated as an escape character just like a Unix escape character. If there is a UNC path and there are underscores - the \ has to be used before the _ to get it to display properly.

Not sure if there is any workaround except to make it a link (if markdown can do that).



Thanks for your postings. This behavior is caused by Markdown and \ is indeed used as an escape character by Markdown. It’s difficult to change this now that this behavior has been present in TestRail/Markdown for so long and we recommend using the \\ version.