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One of Status ID, Assigned To or Comment is required


Hi guys,
I am using python to communicate with test rail API
I am trying to update my test result using add_result method
for the second argument that I put for the add_result method is as follow
“status_id”: 1,
“comment”: “none”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“elapsed”: “30s”,
“defects”: ‘none’,
“assignedto_id”: 1

and I got this result
lib.testrail.APIError: TestRail API returned HTTP 400 (“One of Status ID, Assigned To or Comment is required”)

can someone help me with that? thanks


Hi guys
I find the way to do it.
Actually I just need to pass a dictionary for that argument.
Thanks for your support


Glad to hear that you got it working now!