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On test results form, tabbing to "Assign To" and pressing "R" resets all fields

I don’t have a clue how to submit a bug report to Gurock, so I’m just posting this here, if someone can give me direction to where they take bug reports, I’d be happy to copy it over to that.

My name is Rob and so my entire life I’ve always just pressed “R” to filter towards my name when filling out form fields, but when filling out the Results form, pressing R on the “Assign To” field immediately resets all fields. It’s a difficult habit to break, and it clearly isn’t intended functionality. so I thought I’d report it here…

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to any Test record
  2. Click the “Add Result” button at the bottom of the page
  3. Click in any form field
  4. press tab until the “Assign To” field is highlighted
  5. Press “R” on the keyboard

Expected Results:
Assign To will filter out anybody who doesn’t have an R in their name and display only those who do

Actual Results:
Form resets all fields (Page isn’t refreshing, which was my first thought… so not sure why it’s doing this)


You can contact us directly at or use the following form to send a request.

Or int eh forums - someone from Gurock will see it as well in the forums.

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I think the fields with a dropdown menu are not selected at all. No input works at the “Assign To” field (and a custom field). It kind of looks like the field is being highlighted but no input is taken.
It only works for me when I click the field and the type not when I press tab and then type.


Hey Rob,

Thanks for your post. The best way to reach out to us is via email or discussion forums.

I will report the behavior you have mentioned (regarding Tab key and dropdowns) to our Product Team to investigate it further.

Stay tuned for more updates on this.



That’s true. Let me check it with our team to confirm if it’s the intended behavior.

Thanks again for the feedback.