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On Test Case List add an icon showing which test cases have steps


Since I’m new to this forum, I have a simple suggestion. I don’t think it’s been addressed previously.

I’m in the process of adding many test cases based on an 11 chapter requirement document. Since the spec is not yet complete in some areas, I’m adding test cases without specific steps. When I go back to the Test Case list page, I don’t know which test cases have steps and which need steps without opening each one.

Since I tend to be be visually oriented, I think it would be nice to have an icon or some indication which cases have steps, so I know which ones need steps.

Just my humble opinion


Hello Jerry,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, this was requested before and this makes sense. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request. TestRail 5.1 introduced a very fast way to go through your tests and cases (TestRail FastTrack) and this would also help this with:



Till it is integrated you can use a custom check box - Steps Incl and it can be used for filtering. You can add in the field for the case list as well.


Hello Brian,

Thanks for the suggestions! I would recommend using a dropdown field instead because this field makes it easier to group cases/tests and is also supported for the property distribution reports in case this may be useful.



Hello Tobias and Brian,
Thanks for the suggestions. Here’s what I did that meets my needs:

  1. Added a checkbox to my Test Case template. “Has Steps” default is “No”
  2. Added that field as a column on the Test Case list view.
  3. When I add steps to a test case, I check the box.

I have a project that has 15 sections and about 76 test cases that were created without steps. Now I can sort the list by the “Has_Steps” field and see at a glance which test cases need steps. Ultimately, it would be great if this was set automatically (future enhancement?).

By the way, I tried the FastTrack approach and while it’s great for seeing into each test case, I have to select each one to see if there are steps.

Again, thanks for all your help.


Thanks, Jerry. This sounds like a good approach and great to hear that this works for you!