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Omit tests from Test Runs


There are occassions when I do not wish to test 100% of the tests during a test run.

Obviously deleting these, remove them from the entire suite but I may need these for a later test

It would be handy to have another option for results such as “Omitted”. This is especially useful if a colleague is picking up the tests at a later date so that they know what doesn’t need to be tested during a test run (hence why “untested” would not solve this issue)

Any recommendations?


Hello Alex,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, this is a standard use case and TestRail allows you to change the test case selection for test runs. So, you can simply remove the test cases from the run by modifying the test run/case selection. Please do not delete the test cases from the test suite (case repository) as this would permanently delete those cases instead.

To change the case selection for a test run or plan, go to its edit page (via the Edit button when viewing it) and then simply click on the “select cases” link or “select specific test cases” option. TestRail will then open the Select Cases dialog that looks similar to:

I hope this helps!



Note that you can also add a custom status to your installation to handle this, however, it will affect the overall results of your test plan / run.


Yep, that’s an option as well but we would usually recommend excluding the tests instead (as this wouldn’t influence the statistics as you mentioned). Using a status does not advantages though if you want to create a new test run based on the tests that were previously excluded (via the Rerun dialog and the status filter).