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Old API documentation link is no longer valid


The following old API link shown on google no longer points to the old API documentation:

It now redirects to:

Is there a new link for the old documentation?

Out of interest - I know the old API is deprecated (and we prefer the new API), but do you know if the latest miniapi files ( will still work as-is with TestRail 5.x?

If not, we have a fair bit of work ahead of us to migrate some internal test frameworks to remove the usage of the old API!


Hello Glenn,

We now redirect the old API to the new one and would recommend migrating existing code to the new API. The required changes are minimal and the new API is a lot better and consistent than the old one. We no longer support the old API with TR 5.0 unfortunately. The sub-pages for the API are still available currently and you can find a migration guide here:

The list of pages is as follows (but will be redirected in the future as well):

I hope this helps!



Damn - I was hoping there would be a solution to the inability to extend APIv2 before compatibility was completely dropped :frowning:


Sorry Glenn, the old API has been difficult to maintain/further support and migrating to the new API is fairly simple, as the API calls are pretty similar:

You would also benefit from many new methods and options so hopefully any older customizations wouldn’t be needed anymore.