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OFFTOPIC: Test Environment Management


A little off topic thread, that I couldn’t find any satisfying answer for:

I am looking for an easy to use nad simple test environments management (TEM) tool.
I would like to you which tool the cummunity uses.

I would like to do the following with the TEM:

  1. have an overview of all the applications installed to a test environment
    E2E-test environment: App x version 1, app y version 2, app z version 3

  2. have an overview of all versions of an applications installed in which environment
    DEV environment: App X version 2
    Staging environment: App X version 3
    E2E environment: App X version 3
    Live environment: App X version 4

A nice to have addon would be a “booking” feature, to block a environment for certain tasks like (deployments, training, e2e test, etc.)

I found the Test Environment Manager from HolyDev ( :slight_smile: ) which is a Jira Plugin.

This is pretty nice, but I want to know what else is out there and how is the community’s experience