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Obtaining progress of runs status over time


I would like to know if there is a chance to obtain (directly in interface) or via API the status evolution over time on a given run or test plan. This would allow to see the evolution over time of the number of passed tests, failed tests, etc…

Something like

Thank you in advance for your support!


Hi Igor,

Thanks for your posting. There’s no direct report for this currently but you can simply use the XML/CSV exports and then generate your own custom reports based on this. The exports are available for runs/plans and milestones and include all results over time (including timestamp etc.) so it’s possible to generate the report you are looking for with a simple script that goes through the exports. The CSV file is likely the simpler format of the two.

TestRail also contains activity reports that are similar to what you are looking for but they would only show the activity per day (number of failed/passed/blocked etc. tests) and not the aggregate statistics.



Hi Tobias!

Would these activity reports be “fetchable” via API or any other table like export format?

Best Regards,


Hi Igor,

It’s usually best to use the exports (please see the screenshot below) but you can also use the get_results_for_run API method to get all results for a run:

get_results_for_run returns a chronological list of results. It’s a bit of effort to generate the report you are looking for but the basic idea is to implement a script that goes through the list of results, look at the timestamp (convert this to a day/date) and then use the latest status per test & day to find the overall/aggregate status of the entire run for a specific day.



Hi Tobias,

Would there be any option we could use to customize a report with PHP that would produce a similar table which is exportable?


Hi Igor,

If you are looking into automating this, I can recommend TestRai’s API, specifically get_results_for_run:

This returns the full list of results for a run and you can use this list to generate such a report outside of TestRail (e.g. with a PHP script).

I hope this helps!



Sorry for the back & forth but when I say PHP I mean using the Custom Reports integrated in TestRail (Custom Reports). Would this be something we could customize over there whithout having to build an external tool for this?


Hi Igor,

Ah okay, got it :slight_smile: Custom reports are not supported on TestRail Cloud and also rarely used with TestRail Server because it’s usually more flexible to generate custom reports outside of TestRail, e.g. by querying the API or using the XML/CSV exports.