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Objective-C or Swift api


Are there plans to make api bindings for Objective-C or Swift since Apple made their UITest framework in Xcode 7?


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your posting! There are currently no direct plans for this but TestRail’s API is a very easy to use and generic HTTP API so you can also use the HTTP APIs from Apple to talk to TestRail’s API:

Our documentation for accessing the API via raw HTTP/curl can be found here:

I hope this helps!



Thanks! I will make a template and share it for others that may be interested.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, that would be great and I look forward to an example. I’m also happy to help in case any questions come up.



This approach for using AFNetworking is good for XC Unit Tests because you can link the binary to the test target and use #import AFNetworking.h

My understanding is this can not be used in a UITestClass.swift file and make network calls. This would mean we’re unable to pass results to TestRail’s API from a UI XCtests. Unless I’m missing something please help me understand how to import AFNetworking into a UI test class and pass automated test results from UI XCTests.


Hi Jeremiah,

Thanks for your posting. I believe there are already some usable Objective-C/Swift libraries available and here’s one I found for Objective-C/iOS:



I’m struggling to find a library for Swift (I know nothing about Object-C, so I’d prefer not to go that way). Does anyone know where I could find one?

I’ve started to write tests for our iOS app, and it would be really good to be able to see the results in TestRail.