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Object-oriented testing?



I’ve come across TestRail on my search for a testing database. It seems to be a very nice tool, with a lot of the functionality I am looking for (web-access, user access control, tracking results, history, etc.) One thing I can’t figure out (and hoping someone might be able to help) is whether I can use it for my purposes.

What I really need is something like this: say, I have 100 valves, 50 motors, 30 transmitters. I need to create all these “objects” and each one of them is to have certain tests underneath it. I need an easy way to search for those “objects” to be able to see which tests have been done and what’s outstanding. Some stats would be nice, too.

Sections/subsections seem to be one way of doing it (name each section as an object name I need), but I can’t figure out a way to perform a search for them. Any suggestions?




Hello Nick,

Thanks for your posting and the kind words, that’s appreciated. Probably the easiest to generate an initial list of test cases for your data is to use TestRail’s API:

This way you wouldn’t have to add all test cases manually to the system. This requires some programming experience but we are happy to help in case you have any questions.

Alternatively, if you already have a list of objects in a structured format (such as a CSV or Excel file), you could also look into using TestRail’s import functionality. If you could let me know a few more details, I’m happy to suggest the best ways to get your data into TestRail.

Regarding the search: do you want to search for test cases or test results? When you create new test runs for your test cases, you can use the case selection filter to create test runs with filters (e.g. by including only test cases that belong to a certain section). Again, if you could provide a few more details, that would be appreciated.