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Number of tests done in TestRail, by status between 2 dates?


Hi All,
Can anyone recommend a good way to determine the number of tests executed between 2 dates we want to specify? I would provide the Project, Milestone, and 2 dates.

This would be a summary result and a check on progress in automation, among other things.

Thoughts/experiences/etc. would be appreciated.

Justin Milliun
Silicon Valley


Hi Justin,

Thanks for your email! You can use the test run/plan or milestone summary reports under the Reports tab to view tests that have been executed over a specific timeframe. When configuring the report options, under the ‘Tests’ tab you would be able to configure a specific filter for the tests, and this would allow you to specify a timeframe for ‘Tested On’. The ‘Tested On’ field would include pre-set timeframes, or you could also select ‘Custom’ to use your own timeframe. Hope this helps!