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Not seeing Import option


Hello - I am trying the TestRail tool and I uploaded 20 (out of 70) test cases in TestRail. That was fairly easy. After that I created milestone, created test run etc. Passed the test cases etc.

Now I am trying to upload the remaining 50 test cases, but I don’t see the import icon. I am attaching the screenshot.

Also, while importing I made a mistake with one column and I want to delete all the 20 test cases, I don’t see any option to delete test cases.

Could you help me with these?

Thank you


Hello sj07,

Thanks for the post! This would just indicate that your account is assigned a role that does not have the proper permissions to add/edit test cases and sections. You can see which role your account is assigned on the Users tab under Administration > Users & Roles and you can check the permissions of this role on the Roles tab. To use the Import Wizard in the Test Cases tab, the role you are assigned would need to have the check box in the Add/Edit column selected for Cases & Sections.

If the role you are assigned already has permissions to add test cases, then this screenshot would indicate that the project you are working in has separate permissions configured at the project level. You can manage project level permissions on the Access tab under Administration > Projects > Project_Name. You can also find more information about managing permissions on our website here:

I hope this helps!