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Not seeing custom field in the Push Defect Modal



I have added the JIRA custom field for my Org to the Defect plugin config but I still don’t see it the Push Defect Modal. This being a mandatory field in JIRA, I am unable to write bugs from TestRail.


Hi Smita,

Thank you for posting! The reason the custom field is not included in the Push Defect dialog is because it is not configured properly in the defect plugin settings under Administration > Integration.

I noticed in your screenshot that you have created a new section called [push.field] at the bottom of the defect plugin box. You do not need to create a separate list for custom fields and you should simply add the custom JIRA field to the previous [push.fields] list.

Creating a second list of fields called [push.fields] in the defect plugin settings can also cause the Push Defect dialog to only display the fields in the last list. The reason you see the default fields instead of only the custom field is because TestRail expects the section to be called [push.fields] (please note the ‘s’ in fields).

To add this custom JIRA field to the Push Defect dialog, you would just need to add the custom JIRA field (in this case ‘customfield_14400=on’) to the existing [push.fields] list and delete the new section.

I hope this helps!