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Not seeing custom Case Fields as filter options


We recently imported a bunch of tests from Zephyr/JIRA writing the Zephyr Description and JIRA Labels fields to custom Text (type) fields in TestRail. When attempting to filter on Labels from the Test Cases screen we’re not seeing Labels or Description as an option: the filter list appears to only contain the default fields. We imported to a custom Template based upon the Test Case (Steps) Template with the new Description and Labels fields.

This custom Template is only available within our import TestRail Project.

Is there another configuration change we need to make to enable filtering on custom Text fields?
Thanks for any help,


Hi Marty,

Thank you for the post. In this case, you would be able to add these as columns by which you could then use to sort your test cases. The custom text fields are not able to be filtered on. That being said, we would be happy to look into adding this as a field that could be filtered on in a future release of TestRail.


Hi Marty and thanks for the prompt reply.

I understand, from what you say, that the custom text fields aren’t able to be filtered upon; and it does seem a worthwhile functionality to add to TestRail so please do consider it.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by:

In this case, you would be able to add these as columns by which you could then use to sort your test cases.

Could you explain that a little? As part of looking into importing to TestRail columns I found an article on Column and Value mapping ( which may be what you were referring to. It got me closer to what I’m after. However I can’t see a way to map to more than one ‘Label’ when importing, despite using a multi-select field. I.e.

  1. I create a custom multi-select field in TestRail and populate it with my labels: regression, automated, authentication, ui, &c.
  2. On the Value Mapping screen, when importing JIRA data, I can only map to one multi-select value (e.g. regression) whereas I may want to map to ‘regression, authentication’.

Thanks again,


Hey Marty,

Thank you for the follow up. Could you send this request to and ask for me? I can help you much better this way.


+1 for adding the ability to be able to filter on a custom text field.