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Not able to see Testcase result in JIRA


I have test cases in TestRail connected to Jira issue, but cannot see them straight from JIRA. There is a TestRail: Results chapter there, but it is saying Please login to use the integration. I press the button, but it doesnt solve the issue. It takes to TestRail Dashboard only.
How to see test case in JIRA.


Hi senthil,

Please try logging out and back into TestRail or another browser. This field will show as blank if the add-on is properly connected but no references have been made.


Hi senthil,
the login simply doesn’t redirect.
Get back to the JIRA issue without logoff in the same browser and you should see a linked result - if existing and the plugin is configured correctly.


Hi @senthil

If the integration has been done properly in Jira, you should see TestRail has an extra option. From here, click on the Go to TestRAil and log in using your TestRail credentials.

However, it is worth noting that anyone without TestRail access will not be able to log in and will always see ‘Log in to TestRail’ message.