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Not able to import custom fields bug (with workaround)

Hi, we just installed TestRail and I’ve been messing around with it. We’re migrating from another test case management system that shall not be named. It exports to CSV, so I’ve been importing CSV files.

I have a custom text field that is the old ID number from the last management system. When I created a new project, a new test suite and performed an import using the UI, this field was found in the CSV file, but I couldn’t map it to my custom field. The custom field simply didn’t show up in the dropdown of available TestRail fields.

When I tried to create a new test case from scratch in the UI, the field also didn’t show up.

When I went into Administration > Customization and clicked on my custom field, the field was Active, applied to all templates, and under project options, the default was blank, it was not required, and Selected Projects was “These options apply to all projects”.

I changed the Selected Projects to " These options apply to the following projects only" and explicitly select the project I was using (and another project). From that point on I could see and edit the field in all test cases, and I could map the field during import. Seems like a bug.

I’ve since changed the settings for this custom field back to “These options apply to all projects” and it’s still there.

tl;dr: Custom field wasn’t showing up. I changed the field settings to apply to the project specifically and it started showing up.

Hey there,

Thanks for the post. When initially creating a custom field, if you do not go into the “Add Projects & Options” screen while initially creating it, it will not be assigned to any projects until it is edited and set up to be included in your projects. Once you click that link, it will default to all projects unless specifically updated to only be available in certain ones.

If you do have issues where the custom fields are not populating to your test cases initially even when configuring that initially, please reach out to the support team with the full steps you’re taking and we’ll attempt to replicate and pass the information on to the development team for further investigation.

I’ll try to do that in the future.