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Non flash charts


At the moment, the graphs don’t work on Safari, iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android, because they don’t support Flash.
This is my opinion, so people might not agree with me, but Adobe Flash is not the best solution for a portable web app.

Is there any plan to use a different solution for charts, HTML5 based that will be usable on any modern browser?



Thanks for your posting. Yes, there are plans to change the Flash-based charts to something else, e.g. JavaScript, exactly for the reasons you have mentioned (portable, printable, etc.). We don’t have a time frame for this at this point, but plan to look into this for one of the next versions.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Thank you for your answer. I hope this will happen soon.



Hi Tobias. We started evaluating TestRail in our company and we plan on doing some test runs soon. At the moment, not having charts that can be seen on mobile devices is the biggest issue (managers seem to be using mostly phones and tablets).

Could you give me an estimation of when this feature will be implemented into the product?


Hello Ciprian,

Thanks for the update. We began working on a new reporting feature since my previous post and replacing the charts is part of this effort. We don’t have an estimate for this feature at this point but it definitely has a high priority for us (and we are already working on it right now, as mentioned).



Thank you for the info :slight_smile: