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No Test Plan option


Hey - I’m not sure what I’ve done, but I created a Test project, added a test suite and added a few test cases - now the option to implement a test plan (I want to see how it interacts with the others) is non-existent.

help reads:

To create a test plan, simply click the Add Test Plan button from the Test Runs & Results page. Now just select one or more test suites from the sidebar to add them to the plan.

But when I go to ‘Test Suites & Cases’ the only option is “Add Test Suite”. Not exactly sure how the workflow should be so I started a new project then went straight to that tab but still, no ‘add test plan’ option…



you can find the Add test Plan button on the Test Runs & Results tab, not on Test Suites & Cases. Test plans are used to start multiple test runs at once and group those runs under the plan (e.g. to test against multiple configurations or to start a a full release test). Test plans are an optional feature that can be useful if simple test runs aren’t flexible enough for your projects.

I hope this helps!