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No line breaks in Push?

When entering test results and pushing them to Jira, users can enter their comments in either the Comment field of the Results dialog, or add them in the Description field of the Push dialog.

When typing in the Comment field, hitting return adds line breaks as expected. However, it seems impossible to add line or paragraph breaks into the Description field of the Push dialog.

Have I missed something?

eta: We are using TR Cloud and Jira Cloud

Thanks in advance

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We’ve been running into the same issue since at least July 27

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Yes, that is about when we started seeing it too.

Hopefully it is something that Gurock will be able to sort soon, as it is frustrating for our users!

@AlainaCK @lcavern


Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Our Support Team has been notified about this issue few days back and is currently working on its fix. However, we do not have any ETA for this right now.

Stay tuned !