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No button for TestRun closing


Dear all,

We have an unexpected problem with our TestRail (v4.1.0.3291). Actually, none of our team have the close button for TestRun. So we, can not close any of them.
The screenshot is attached.
Any ideas why so and how to fix it?


Hi Curess,

This looks like an access level issue i.e. the role you have been assigned in the Users administration. To close your tests you should have the padlock icon.

If you can get your administrator to close the test run or have your User role upgraded, then you should be able to close the test run.

Hope this helps


Thank you, we’ll try



The Close permissions can be configured/added under Administration > Users & Roles and you can find an overview here:

The only role that has Close permissions by default is Lead, but the permissions and roles are fully customizable so your configuration might look different.

I hope this helps!



Thank you, Tobias!
Helped a lot!


You are welcome, great to hear that this helped :smile: