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No Access selected by default in project settings


We’ve run into an issue where projects that have the Global Role default access setting will still appear as No Access when the Access tab is selected again. We have hundreds of TR projects on our server, so the effect was that some projects were visible to everyone unexpectedly, and upon investigation they appeared to be set to No Access, which led to considerable confusion.

The issue seems to be a simple select list bug, where No Access is shown by default, regardless of the actual setting used. It’s still very problematic in other circumstances, such as when a project is initially set to Global role. Modifying a single group’s or user’s access and saving will then revert the default access to No Access unless the correct default value is selected again.

We use

Anybody else have this issue? Is it fixed by upgrading to the latest version?



Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your post! We saw that this was also sent in via email, so we’re happy to reply directly via email as this usually works better for the support team. We’ll send a reply via email shortly.



Yes, that’s what I figured afterwards. Thanks Marco!