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New Version of Testrail


Hello Team,

Can you please let me know when the new version is going to be released.



I’m curious for this as well, or if possible the feature set for the next release or a development roadmap? There’s still a few features I’m hunting for in a TCM DB.


They have never announced specific dates at all - need to check the News forum/their blog.


Hi all,

We would recommend keeping an eye on our blog which is where we will post information as soon as it is available regarding a new version of TestRail. I can say that there is a new version on the way so be ready!


Sorry to drill down a bit, but any feature indications or timeline would be greatly beneficial and appreciated as evaluation and product selection is in final stages for our team.


Hello, are you saying there’s a version 5.4 ‘on the way’???


Hi Simon,

Thank you for the post. You are correct. There is a new version of TestRail in the works as I type this. While it may not be v5.4, it will be a new version none the less.


Hey Chris,

Thank you for the post. As far as timeline or roadmap that I can share, I do not have anything as of this moment. Rest assured as soon as we have information to share, we will post this information to our blog: