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New to Test Rail have a question about test suite setup

Hi, I am assessing if this will meet our needs and I was wondering if someone can help answer some questions.

  1. We have about 200+ batch and gui modules that we test. Currently we have test suites in word so is there any easy way to import them into TestRail?
  2. Can you have test cases specific to a module that you reuse? When I played around with it, it seemed that I had to rewrite them for each project.
  3. We have a Work Request that is what becomes our project and can have several modules to test under that work request number. If I set that up as a project how do you then have individual module test cases come under the project? So for example I am assigned to project 14 and I have to test module 1, 2, 3 and 4. How do I integrate test cases I have written on previous projects to be listed for module 1 or any of the other modules? Do you always have to rewrite them? If I write a generic test case can it be associated with multiple test suites\projects?
  4. Is there a way to use the global defect system and then retrieve the defects by module rather than project even if you close a project?

thanks in advance