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New Testrail Version?


So, I was looking at the cloud install; and it states that I am on version “” Built on 9/7/2015.

But I don’t see any news about this release. I did sign up for the preview; but I (somewhat?) assumed that was going to be a pointer to another install I could poke around.

So, is this the preview install that everyone at my company gets? I did notice a some things that 5.0 is supposed to add so I think so; but it would be nice to know what all has changed in this version so I can answer accordingly when asked.



I saw posted on one of the other topics that the official release will be next week, which will include announcements and blog posts, but they’ve already started upgrading the cloud users.


Hi there!

Yep, we’ve been migrating customers to TestRail 5.0 already in preparation for our big launch next week (Tuesday). We will post the full announcement and also notify all customers about the launch next week. In case you are using JIRA, you can also already take a look at our new JIRA add-ons (for both server and cloud) if you like, which you can find here:

You can review our updated JIRA documentation here:

But even if you don’t use JIRA with TestRail, TestRail 5.0 includes a lot of new things you will benefit from and the full announcement will come next week.

I hope this helps!