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New TestRail release - regular test result reports


I would like to understand what is the frequency of new releases and if you could regularly provide your client with the test results for TestRail software. We are working in a highly regulatory environment and we intend to validate TestRail computerized system for our specific use scenario. If you could provide us with your test results reports, we would match it with our use scenario tests and proof that your new version is still okay for us to use. Is that something you could provide to your clients?

Many thanks,

Hello, can you please follow up on this please?

I am trying to reach any customer service from TestRail for longer than 1 week and nobody responds so far, I did not receive the support ticket submission…

We were considering extending our licence but it sounds like we will have to look for another software with better customer service.

I second this request.

Hi @radka & @aperez - sorry you haven’t heard back from the support team. What level of detail would you be expecting from the test results?

Probably you can appreciate that there is some reluctance from us in respect of publishing our test results, due to their containing potentially sensitive and proprietary information.

With that said, I can certainly discuss with our team internally and see whether there is some way of accommodating your request.


Hi Simon @sjpknight ,

I understand your concern about sensitive and proprietary information. We would appreciate level of test details so we could match TestRail functionality to our use case scenario, which I believe is typically usage of your software. It would serve simply for matching our requirements to your test case IDs and by that confirming that your new release does not require the computerized system re-validation on our side. If it would deem necessary, we could think about writing some kind of confidential agreement.