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New statuses


Quick question about statuses and the possibility to define addtional values

Say the example where for a test case we defined 3 steps. Steps #1 & #2 are performed within the testing team where the 3rd one requires the input of a third party to the project.

Now if step #1 & #2 are set to “Passed” and the 3rd one remains “untested”, the result show is 'to retest", which does not seem logical to our minds.
As none of the existing status do suit our needs (“blocked” neither) we would imagine a solution where we shall be able to add another status which we would call in this case 'in progress".
Is this something that can be done in TestRail current version ??
Is it possible to “customize” a field in such way that it can be use as a new status ??

The top will be that the status “in progress” combined with a milestone, shall trigger the production of a warning which TestRail will reflect on the dashboard.
Is this “nice to have” something that can be implemented ??

Thanks for your feedback


Hello Dom,

Thanks for your posting. Adding custom statuses is currently not supported but this feature is already on our feature request list and has a high priority for us. That said, for the In Progress status, I would recommend looking into the new In Progress feature that was introduced recently:

(see “Tests in progress”)

Also thanks for the suggestions with the In Progress warning/indicator on the dashboard. We will look into on how to make In Progress tests more visible.

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case you have any further questions.



Is there an update on this? It sounds like it is a current feature request, but I’m wondering when we could expect it.


Hello Lisa,

Thanks for your request. Yes, this is already on our Todo list but we currently don’t have an expected release date for this feature. It is planned to look into it for the upcoming TestRail 2.7 version but it’s not yet clear if this will be included in this or a later version.

I hope this helps.

PS: I removed the email address from your forum user name.