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New site feature: Market place for apps, code, utilities


I think it would be great to have a marketplace on your site where testrail users can post things we have written on top of the TestRail API.

For example, I would love to post

  • plugins for Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo which can upload results directly from CI to TestRail
  • report templates for next release of TestRail
  • sample code in JAVA/C#/Python/etc

Most people will probably just post for free but I can see many who would like to make some $$$. Similar to how you can do this for Bamboo/Teamcity, etc



Hello Ali,

Yes, it is planned to collect third-party code in one central location (e.g. a forum + GitHub) but this probably wouldn’t include a full marketplace with paid add-ons etc. This request has been on our todo list for a while and it is planned to look into this sometime after the 3.0 release.