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New log file every session with Encrypt true



We added the option to encrypt our log files. With this option enabled a new log file is created every session. We have rotate weekly specified.

We don’t want log files to rotate every session so we can have a history of information per log file, i.e. weekly.


Hello Neal,

Thanks for your posting. That’s a technical limitation when using the encrypt option. Enabling the encrypt option basically disables the append option as documented in SmartInspect’s help file:

There’s a technical reason behind this and using encryption with the append option is unfortunately not supported at this point. Please let me know in case you have any further question.



Thanks Tobias. If you could please consider working on this support I would appreciate it. We can certainly avoid logging the sensitive information but would prefer the encryption without having a new file every client app run. It’s an important feature.

Thanks again.


Hello Neal,

Thanks for the update. This won’t be supported in the near future unfortunately I believe. There are several technical reasons behind this decision and it would be difficult to support this. Do you often restart your application? If you are restarting your application daily, e.g., you could think about changing the rotate option to “daily” instead of “weekly” and increasing the amount of files SmartInspect is allowed to create.



Hi Tobias,

It’s a Windows application, it could be run multiple times a day. If a user has an issue and I ask for a bug report which includes logs I’d love to have a history just like a windows event log to go from.


Thanks for the additional details. There’s currently no workaround for this other than disabling the encrypt option or instructing the user to send you multiple log files. Please note that more log files do not necessarily use more disk space (as those log files are much smaller than a combined log file for an entire week).