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New JIRA add-on feedback appreciated


Hello all!

We are looking for some quick feedback on our new JIRA add-on and integration. So in case you are using TestRail with JIRA, we would appreciate your feedback via the following quick form. Completing the form only takes 2 minutes:

Thanks, it helps us a lot!


If there’s any additional feedback/ratings for the new add-on, it would be appreciated.




1- Different people write in different ways which can cause a bit of a not such pleasant view when the JIRA added are written in caps or not.

My suggestion would be: Test-rail, when the JIRA added is valid, would converse it to all characters in CAPS but it would accept it in any form.

2- Another suggestion:

When managing an ongoing project, in Test Runs and Results,for a quick status analysis , it would be great if there was a collumn just for the JIRA Status associated to the TCs.

This can be a challenge if we have many different Jiras associated to a unique TC but i think that it’s possible to solve that by creating a Test Rail unique option by showing a label like “Various” in the case where the 2 or more JIRAs associated have different status.



Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated. Point 1 wouldn’t make a difference regarding the integration (case is ignored) but I agree that having the same case conventions for the issue IDs would be great to have, thanks for the suggestion!

Regarding 2: you can already see the live status for JIRA issues linked via the Defects field on the new Defects reports in TestRail (available for cases/runs/plans & milestones):

It’s also planned to look into something similar on the test case level and references in the future.




I’m a new user to TR and the Jira Add on. (Jira cloud version 7.0.0 and TR 5.0) The feature is very helpful to view what cases have been writen and how many of those have been successfully run.

Unless i’m doing something wrong,

  1. The cases are in descending order Jira. I can’t seen an option to change the order or even configure the fields that I’d like displayed

  2. The TestRail Results section has a for tests button, i’m not entirely sure with that is expected when clicked on.

Kind Regards



Hi Preeti,

Thanks for your posting! The Cases tab currently always lists the cases this way and the latest cases are at the top of the list. We are happy to look into customization options for a future version.

Regarding the For Tests / For Cases buttons: by default, TestRail will show all related test results for an issue (All Results). This includes results for test cases linked via the References field as well as results that link to the issue via the Defects field. If you select the For Tests option, TestRail will only list the results linked via the Defects field. Likewise, if you select For Cases, TestRail will limit the list to results linked via the References field. The All Results button includes both result sets.

I hope this helps!



Thank you, future customisation options would be highly appreciated.


Hello Preeti,

Great to hear that and thanks again for your feedback :smile:



I presented TestRail and the JIRA integration yesterday in the company and especially the JIRA integration gave some smiles on people faces, especially those that are quite tight to JIRA. So, nice job :slight_smile:


Thanks @bygones, that’s great to hear and we appreciate the feedback! :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

We are running the new integration at the moment - it’s pretty nice!

One thing I’d like to point out is that the naming of the “Defects” field on a test result is now a little bit unintuitive.

Consider the following workflow:

Tester is testing a new requirement

  1. Tester creates a new test case for the requirement, and fills in the Reference field, which points to the JIRA requirement. Tester saves the test case and adds it to a test plan / run.
  2. Tester runs through the test in TestRail, and marks it as a Pass

In order for the result to appear within the “For Tests” area of the JIRA item, the tester must manually fill in the JIRA item identifier in the Defects field.

a) It wouldn’t be a defect at this point, so the naming doesn’t make sense
b) It would be easier if this value was autopopulated from the Case.

Prior to getting to step 1 in the above example, it would also be good if you could see the untested state of the new test case from within JIRA.

One question that came up in a demonstration of the integration today was about the performance implications of the linkage - is the References field in a TestRail test case indexed?

Finally, we’re wondering if there is going to be a way to do the Requirement -> Test Cases coverage reports from within JIRA?


Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your feedback. The results would automatically appear under the For Cases or All Results option (for those cases linked via the References field) and the For Tests option would only be for defects currently. The options were named All, References and Defects in an early version but this confused customers even more than the new naming :slight_smile: This is still an ongoing topic for us here and it’s planned to review this again for a future version, thanks a lot for your feedback.

  • Performance: yes, the references and defects are fully indexed and performance and scalability was an important factor when designing this feature (as some customers have millions of test results).

  • Coverage report: it’s planned to look into this, yes. We would at least like to look into making it easier to import the full list of issues from JIRA (which you can currently paste manually to the “The following references only” box) to make it easier to generate a full coverage report with all/selected issues.

I hope this helps!