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New Feature: ability to "Propose Changes/Review/Approve" test cases

Wanting a feature I know is quite sophisticated, but going to ask for it anyway to get the developers thinking about how to create (or change the) an architecture that will enable the following feature:

Objective: establish a means for person “A” to suggest an update/improvement to a test case, and a 2nd person (“B”) to review/approve those changes.

Detailed explanation:
As a tester (person “A”) runs a test, they may notice things that need correcting or updating. This could range from simple improvements such as a word being misspelled (or wrong word used) to drastic re-working of the test case (.e.,g change this test step, add this new test step next, delete the following 2 steps). I would like to allow a tester to be able to “edit” the test case, but the updates to the test case would not take place until a designer/engineer (person “B”) had reviewed and approved the changes.

This would likely involve new roles such as “proposer”, “approver”, and even multiple reviewers could be required for tightly regulated industries (e.g., US medical industry).

I know this type of review cycle may sound like overkill (even heresy?) to the “Agile” folk, but in some industries, this rigor is needed/required.

I whole heatedly agree that this would be an excellent feature addition. We are having to version control TestRail Test Cases… in Bit Bucket. It would be much better to manage Test Case change approval directly in TestRail.

Ideal Scenario:

  1. Tester believes a test step is incorrect and submits a change request.
  2. TestRail e-mail notification to senior tester or Test Case owner/POC.
  3. Senior tester approves/disapproves change.
  4. TestRail notes change in Test Case history.

Hi Carol,

Thanks for the follow-up and additional details on your workflow. We do understand how a test case versioning and review workflow would be helpful for teams. I have added your vote (as well as Dan’s) to this feature request to help our product team prioritize this workflow.