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New email address on Active directory


My company changed email address and we are using AD authentication. I now see duplicate users in TestRail, one with the old email and one with the new email. How do we get back to a single account and how did the second account happen?



If you’re using the LDAP php script for the authentication, these parts of code : false means that if a ldap connection is successful and no account exists in TestRail with the mail, this code will create a new account . That’s why you get a new account i guess.

It’s not possible to delete an account in TestRail so you can disable the new account and change its mail, and put the new mail in the old account’s settings.

Hope this will help you :grinning:


I changed the new account’s email to something unique. Then I changed the original account’s email (which was the old email address) to the new email address. When the person logged in it created new account with the old email address.