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New customization not taking effect on existing test cases


We are just getting set up with TestRail and are using the default Expected Results field in test cases for a different purpose. We’ve already imported out test data into TestRail.

In admin, I see that I can customize the name of this field and have done so. The field is selected for all templates and for the current project, however when I open existing test cases it still contains the default value. When creating new test cases, I see the new field value.

Is there any way to have the customization apply to all existing instances of the field?

Thanks –


Hi Allen,

Thanks for your posting. Have you added a new Expected Result field or just relabeled the default one? Could you send a few screenshots to our help desk at so we can review this?



Thanks for the quick response!

Yes, we renamed the existing Expected Result field since we had already imported our data into it. I will send screenshots to the help desk.



Thanks, Allen. We will make sure to get back to you via email.