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New Banner Ad that can't be closed

This is very annoying. There’s no way to get rid of the 25% discount on all Enterprise plans - Contact Us for more details! Offer expires December 18th. that came with the update. It’s very distracting.



Thanks for your message. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the notification banner.

We welcome all users to reach out to us here in the forums or at with any questions, issues, ideas, or other feedback that can help us continue to make TestRail better.


I hugely agree with this. I could understand this being there on a Trial account, but at least a PAYING customer should have the option to click this away after having read this.
Also, this banner shouldn’t be up there for other than Administrators. Other users have no message to this bar being up there.

Our business testers are starting to useTestRail just now, and it’s not a professional first view for them to see that banner up; that banner does not add any extra value to our business testers.
I’m sorry to say this, as we’ve recently just purchased TestRail.



Hey Wouter,

Although the banner provides zero interference with any TestRail UI actions in-app, I do understand your concern.
Could you please send us an email at so that our team can provide any workarounds if any ?


Have there been any updates on this issue?

This is terrible. I linked a Testrail project to Confluence page to show our testing progress and everyone in the company gets to see this big ad at the top for your 25% discount on Enterprise Plans (We have an enterprise plan, by the way) with no way to close it. I can’t stand that we’re paying for a product and are being subjected to ads. I could see this as an effective way to communicate certain updates or something, but a user should be able to dismiss the notification, and they should also not have to see it every time the site is launched.

Seriously not impressed. I don’t like posting reports to the company that contain ads, it looks unprofessional