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New API - rerun Test Plan


Hi Folks,

Is it possible to trigger Rerun button functionality via new API?

For a time being I use get_plans/:projectId and filter the response by “name” to obtain test plan id. Having the id you can get test runs in the plan then test suites and test cases… Afterwards add new test plan with these objects. I am wondering if it is possible to use simple API call to do these steps in one call.



Hello Michael,

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no functionality in the API to do this but I agree that this would be useful. This would potentially require the test plan ID as well (e.g. rerun_plan/:plan_id) and you can implement most of the functionality with a get_plan and add_plan sequence today (provided that you don’t have a custom test case selection, in this case you would need to call get_tests for the test runs as additional step).

I hope this helps!



Yes, I do that as well. Thanks Tobias.



Sounds good, Michael!