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.Net logging, Compatc Framework and Window CE on xscale


Hi Guys

I have a question. The .Net parto of SmartInspect library can run on CF and can be compilated for other host processor ? I have t debug an Windows CE application written in C# and I would like use SamrtInspcet.

What do you thick about this.

Another question (but less important) Is possible compile and use SmartInspect unde mono ? Could be usefull

The console could be run on Win Xp Pc connected via TcpIp to the target.

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone.


Hello Giuseppe,

The Compact Framework is not supported by SmartInspect. The SmartInspect library uses several features of the .NET framework which are unfortunately not available in the CF. You can get the source compile by removing those features not available in CF but it’s not a trivial/easy task.

Mono is not officially supported either, but it should be possible to get it working with some small modifications (e.g. by disabling the pipe protocol which internally uses the Win32 API).