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.NET API - AddResultForCase - how to use it?

I’m using what seems like the most popular c#/.Net Nuget package for TestRail’s API, the TestClient project. First off, my excuses. I’m really new to TestRail, so I may have missed something obvious.

What am I doing wrong with the below method call.
I have a TestRun. I have its run ID. I try to update the case, but nothing happens. Urk!

//I don’t see any update with the below
trc.AddResultForCase(runID, 8917044, ResultStatus.Passed, “AutomationTest”);

//I do see an update with the below
trc.AddResult(8917044, ResultStatus.Passed, “AutomationTest#2”);

This state of affairs worries me. What if I have the same test case in two open TestRuns. Aren’t I going to update both of them with AddResult() - shouldn’t I be able to use AddResultForCase()