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Nested sub Milestones


I remember some months back, there was the option in test rail for creating nested sub milestones. But in the latest released it is allowed to create only one sub milestone.

What was the reason for removing nested sub milestones ?


I don’t believe that anything has changed with milestones. You can create n number of sub milestones to a parent milestone.
It almost sounds like you want a sub milestone off of a sub milestone and I don’t believe that has ever been possible.

Looks like sub milestones were added in version 5.3 and since then there has been version 5.4. There is no mention of any milestone changes in v5.4 - never known their release noted to not include things changed.


Hey Gurock,

Our project team is quite large with multiple sub-teams. Likewise, our project is quite large with multiple features, sub-features, and components that come online at staggered times.

Being able to nest sub-milestones within other sub-milestones as needed would be extremely helpful to our QA team to be able to properly manage active tests, start dates, due dates, and so on at a granular level needed according to how our team operates.

Hopefully this can be a feature in a future TestRail update?

EDIT: Let me add that our current method to communicate when sub-features or components aren’t ready for test is to mark all relative tests as “Blocked” which doesn’t play well with how we use and present our metrics on the project.

ALSO EDIT: To clarify, I’m not requesting that we just add one more layer to milestones, but the ability to continually nest sub-milestones within other sub-milestones as deep as we need to.



+1 To this as it would be extremely useful!


I wonder if there has been any discussion on Gurock’s side about getting something like this. Would really be appreciated!