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Negative filter on testcase status reports?


I’m looking for a way to create a report on the #automated and #automatable testcases in a project which do NOT have a given milestone and/or milestones.

i can’t find a way to do this in the existing filtering setup.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your posting. The milestone filters are flexible and allow you to (manually) select all milestones so you could simply select all milestones that match your condition. It’s not directly possible to set such a condition and automatically match all milestones but a manual filter selection would work in this case.

I hope this helps!



so i guess the answer is no. are there plans to add this feature?

is there a way to filter on cases with and empty milestone?


Hello Eric,

Thanks for your reply! It’s currently not directly planned to add this because you can always select the milestones manually but I’m happy to add this to our feature request list.

Regarding filtering for empty milestones: not directly possible as part of the filters but you can group cases by milestone in your case repository/suite. This would also show a group for those cases without a milestone.



when you say “group” do you mean putting them in a section of a suite?
i don’t see any references to “group” in the testcase edit dialog, nor the suite view.

the docs have some references to “grouping” test cases into “sections”.
of course we already have a bunch of sections, and this sort of grouping would be even more difficult/time-consuming than adding a milestone to those cases lacking one.

thanks for your reply. is there a place other than this where we should be requesting features?


Hello Eric,

You can group your test cases via the Sort feature in the toolbar on the suite/case repository page:

(see Sort: Type, top-left)

This will sort/group your cases depending on the attribute type and you can see all available groups in the sidebar then (similar to the sections).