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Need to hide priority and milestone field


I tried to borrow this UI script for hiding the priority and milestone filed, but got an error message:
“Line 8 uses an invalid format (“name: value” expected).” please help


I quote @tgurock from another thread

You would need to add an additional newline/empty line before js:. The forum unfortunately removes this empty line. You would also need to use the second example (for TestRail 4.0 and later).


Hi @rose45,

Thanks for your posting! You can hide the Milestone field directly in the administration area under Administration > Customizations and this is now also hidden by default for new installations. We would recommend leaving the Priority as is and then simply use the default priority if you don’t plan to use it most of the time. It can still be useful to have it from time to time (for high priority or critical cases).

I hope this helps!