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Need to generate a trend out of custom reports

hi Team,

I am using a licensed version of testrail and need to get the below trent report.

If I need to plot a trend report on weekly activities like how many tests were added week wise how may were automated(I have this field for grouping) week wise etc.

how do I do the above if not in testtrail do we have good plugins for same

Hi Shashank,

For tracking automated runs, it is recommended to use the already available “Automation Type” field. Simply add in additional values as needed.

You can then schedule a “Activity Summary” for Cases report to run weekly. By default this cover new and updated cases within the last week. On the ‘Test Cases’ tab use the filter to run a report specifically for the Automation Type needed.

For greater control, while we don’t have an example for you, it is also possible to use TestRail’s API to GET the data needed and parse it how you see fit.