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Need more than one Reference field - Reference URLs


We would like to use the reference url field ( to Jira and Confluence.
But now it seems impossible.
Would you suggest me an alternative to or a future development plan?


Hi Christian,

Thanks for your posting. You can simply add additional custom fields if you like and the URL field is often used in this case (e.g. to link to Confluence pages). You can alternatively also add a field of type Text to add multiple links to Confluence. We would recommend using the regular References field for linking JIRA issues.



Hello Tobias
Thank you for your reply,
Tell me if I’m wrong.
The URL field can contain only a single address.
We have many links with confluence and Jira pages depending on the situation.
In text feild. Here is what it might look like,, pages / viewpage.action pageId = 456348364, https: // pageId = 456348364, https: // pageId = 456348364?, https: // pageId = 456348364?

It works but it is not ergonomic.
We have several users that interact with Testrail daily and this can burden the dynamic communication between all these tools.
On a large scale it can impact productivity.

Could we consider having an additional reference field in a future release?


Hi Christian,

For multiple links, it’s usually best to use a simple text field and you can simply add one link per line or use TestRail’s rich-text formatting options to format the links as a list:

- Link1
- Link2
- Link3



I tested and it sounds good for me.
Thanks Tobias for your support.


Hi Christian,

That’s great to hear and thanks for your feedback.




I think we still need another reference field.

In my case, I want to give references to both jira and test cases.

So if I could add custom field like reference by just selecting basic URL (like “”) and only enter the test case number to field to see as link, this would be great.


Hi Sadi,

Thanks for your reply! You can actually use the entity linking shortcode to add a link to any TestRail entity such as cases (e.g. [C123]), tests (e.g. [T123]), etc., and this would already work in text fields throughout TestRail. You can see how this works and examples of how to use this on our website here:

Hope this helps!