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Need help with debug https 500 error without error message


Hey folks,

I’m using add_plan API to create test plan with a bunch of configurations. I got 500 error code in the response but it does not return me any error message. From server side log, I can see it throw a 500 error but there is no error message as well. We are stuck at debugging this issue, really need some help.

The add_plan api worked before. We are doing data driven test result report using plan and configuration because the native testrail api does not support data driven test result reporting. The issue comes out recently when we added some test data for our test. We suspect it’s a client bug. However, when only running those recent added test data to report to testrail, it also works.

We verified the https client for making the JSON request is functioning well because it
can throw error message for other types of error.

To further investigate the root cause, should I open sever side debug mode? Any suggestion on how to debug 500 error without error message?

Since the JSON request is quite long, I didn’t post it here.